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Latest Blogs

Introducing our Brake Parts & Kits

Introducing our Brake Parts & Kits

Complete Car Parts offers a wide selection of the industry’s leading brake brands and their components, from brake pads to brake rotors, we’ve got the stopping power you need.

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Common Wheel Hub Assembly Symptoms

Common Wheel Hub Assembly Symptoms

Do you suspect a faulty wheel hub? Let’s first look into what a wheel hub is and its purpose.

Most vehicles have four individual wheel hubs for each wheel acting as a mounting point. The hub itself is a flange with either protruding mounting fasteners called lug studs that the wheel mounts to or can have holes for lug nuts with studs to fasten in to. Attached to the wheel hub is a wheel bearing which allows the wheel hub to rotate allowing the wheel and tire to turn. Many modern cars combine the wheel hub and wheel bearing into a single integral wheel hub assembly.

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Complete Strut Assemblies, Struts and Shock Absorbers

Complete Strut Assemblies, Struts and Shock Absorbers

Unity’s priority has been to make the highest quality strut assembly available on the market. In order to achieve that goal, they have spent years researching the common problems with the aftermarket strut assemblies. The manufacturer has identified the issues and addressed each one with rigorous quality control and testing. With over 50 different components going into each fully assembled unit, there is testing at the end of every phase of production to ensure all 50 components work together to provide a premium quality ride.

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