Common Wheel Hub Assembly Symptoms

Do you suspect a faulty wheel hub? Let’s first look into what a wheel hub is and its purpose.

Most vehicles have four individual wheel hubs for each wheel acting as a mounting point. The hub itself is a flange with either protruding mounting fasteners called lug studs that the wheel mounts to or can have holes for lug nuts with studs to fasten in to. Attached to the wheel hub is a wheel bearing which allows the wheel hub to rotate allowing the wheel and tire to turn. Many modern cars combine the wheel hub and wheel bearing into a single integral wheel hub assembly.

Have you ever heard the droning hum of a faulty wheel hub assembly? If you’re unsure, here are a few symptoms to look out for:

In some cases, there are vehicles that have hubs which are separate from the bearing, which slides into the hub. This is pressed into the steering knuckle. In this type of layout, the hub itself usually only causes issues if it is bent, warped or has broken lug studs.

Complete Car Parts offers Kugel wheel hub assemblies for thousands of vehicle applications. They are designed after OE specifications for exact fitment and to out-perform original parts.

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Part #: 2-70-512001
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  • Exceed the automotive-industry TS16949 quality standard
  • Has ABS stainless steel sensor with plastic wire clips when applicable. Torque specification supplied with the product.
  • Inner rings are made of AISI 52100 alloy (high carbon and low chromium) steel, exceeding ASTM International quality standards
  • Manufactured in ISO9002 Certified facility with CNC tooling, automated grinding and assembly lines for increased consistency
  • No modification needed, ready to be installed right out of the box.
  • Premium quality Chevron Grade 2 molybdenum grease for all weather endurance